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Access to clients


Gesinflot says present at Tech4fleet 2021

Gesinflot participates in the III TECH4FLEET Congress that was held on November 16 and 17 in Madrid, and which is attended by the main fleet management solutions for freight transport. 

With the paper entitled  Connectivity and Digitization in the Logistics Chain, our president Ginés Hernández, exposed the keys to competitiveness and the digital transformation of the sector.

Among the strategies to be developed for smart businesses are the «Connectivity and Data Quality», with the peculiarity that there are “too many systems to integrate in data acquisition”, until 19 different systems in one vehicle associated with its cold equipment, engine, tires, consumption, etc.

For this reason, Ginés Hernández comments that we must focus our efforts on what is important, since «planning and strategy in the logistics sector requires a continuous, fast and flexible adaptation of the business model», and all this, "with a high degree of demand from customers and regulations".

Another aspect to consider, and which can be key to improving our digitization, is «integration with third parties, the first step to digitization«, an aspect in which GesInFlot has been working since its inception, and which is one of its advantages over our competitors. The integration with the equipment of the vehicle, regardless of the manufacturer, of the most established cold equipment on the market, and of both its own and commercial management systems, allow GesInFlot customers a joint and unified management of all data and its use in decision making.

For all these reasons, Gesinflot is the best professional fleet management solution for freight transport, and is also the manufacturer of its own TH-16 equipment in Spain. Contact our Commercial Department to request a DEMO and receive an Offer.