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How to get the most out of your fleet

Fleet management systems specialized in road transport, such as Gesinflot, seek to obtain maximum performance and optimization of all resources, drivers, tractors and semi-trailers, in the most efficient and rational way.

We analyze the main solutions that Gesinflot offers to obtain the maximum performance of our fleet.

GPS location systems

 This functionality, essential in any fleet management system, is an important help both in the prior planning of the route, obtaining the most optimal routes in terms of time, costs and safety, as well as in their monitoring and control.

During the trip, GPS systems allow routes to be recalculated to avoid delays, closures or accidents, identify nearby car parks for breaks, and reduce fuel consumption.

In addition, they offer the control office a global vision of the entire fleet, with its location in real time, alert to unexpected route changes or unjustified use of vehicles, and analyze driving habits, generating associated efficient driving reports. to each vehicle and driver.


Tachograph data

Gesinflot includes the remote data download that are stored in the tachograph and in the driver's card, without interrupting the working day.

This stored information allows real-time monitoring and control of driving and rest times, ensuring compliance with current regulations in each country.

Vehicle technical information

Gesinflot stores and analyzes the information of the different vehicle systems such as engine, tractor or trailer hours, fuel consumption, tire TPMS, or EBS / ABS systems, ... to have better control and plan maintenance preventively.

cold equipment

Gesinflot keeps low control the cold chain with the automatic capture of the temperature records of both the refrigeration motor and the thermograph, generating alerts in the event of any temperature incident.

Our team is certified as a thermographer with a calibration error of ±0.5ºC, required for the transport of food and pharmaceutical products.

cargo security

Our solution is designed to obtain the TAPA Certification for the transport of goods susceptible to theft, integrating all the security systems of the tractor unit and the trailer.

Traffic office operations

Our fleet management system optimizes the work of the traffic office with features such as:

  • Configuration of personalized monitoring and control alarms: voltage levels, alerts for crossing points, restricted areas, cold alarms, speeding, route changes, gate opening, etc.
  • Automatic conductor detection and assignment based on driving analysis, both weekly and bi-weekly.
  • Sending messages, work schedules, documents, etc. to driver mobile office (APK)
  • Generation of reports incidents, expenses, consumption, etc.
APK as mobile office for the driver

Have a mobile office 100% operational from a mobile device, smartphone or tablet, it allows the driver to manage tasks such as loading/unloading, speeds up communications during the working day and allows managing all the necessary documentation for each transport. The APK can be integrated with the Tracking applications of shippers and logistics operators.

Integration with third-party platforms and systems

In the digitization of a transport company, the integration of its fleet management system with third-party applications and systems is essential to allow the company to integrate into the logistics ecosystem. Gesinflot offers integration with proprietary systems, custom developments and with the main ERPs and TMS in Europe. Ask us!

The fleet management system, GesInFlot, helps the company improve its performance, keep all its assets under control and facilitates decision-making based on real data. ¡Ask us for your personalized demo, and discover the most complete professional solution for managing your fleet!