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How to locate a mobile worker through your fleet management system

There are many professional activities for which a team of people must be away from their workplace, such as the activities of transporting goods or people. The market offers a multitude of computer applications that use GPS location to position each person or vehicle on a location map and store both their route and the events they complete (stops, loading and unloading, refueling, tolls, breaks, etc.)


Geolocation of a worker

Fleet control and management systems are the ideal applications to fulfill this task in a logistics company, since they allow you to have all your mobile resources, truck tractors, semi-trailers and drivers integrated, and operate bidirectionally with all of them. In this way, the traffic manager is able to identify the situation of each of the resources, and intercommunicate by offering directions, sending and storing documentation, managing incidents, etc., all thanks to the functions of a complete mobile office for the driver , which in turn is integrated into the fleet control system and the company's ERP.

How a driver and his cargo are controlled in a fleet management system

The resources linked to a load (tractor, trailer and driver) can be located and integrated into the fleet management system through the tractor's devices, such as the vehicle's tachograph and the driver's card reader that records the days of work to manage driving times and other data as a worker, and that continuously send the data to the fleet control system used in the traffic office.

Together with the equipment installed in the vehicle, this is complemented by the services provided to the driver by a mobile application that is installed on their smartphone and that allows manual, but protocolized, information on the state of the load, waiting times in loading or unloading, incidents, expenses, travel and service documents, etc.

In addition, due to market demands, logistics companies have a variable number of external collaborators or freelancers who do not usually have the fleet management system devices installed on their tractor or trailer. To do this, the mobile application installed on your own phone allows you to integrate perfectly into the transport company's fleet management system, providing you with all the logistics services you require to carry out your work and interact with the company.


Functionalities for mobile applications that are integrated into fleet management

The most common services offered by a mobile application for driver management integrated into its fleet control system are messaging with the carrier, activity planning, control of refueling, expenses and allowances, documentation management, navigation to destinations and routes, document scanning and barcode reader, signature collection, terminal remote control, electronic signature, mobile printing, etc.

Gesinflot mobile office

The GesInflot Android Mobile system can find all the information at the following link, is the first Android-based driver management system for drivers, self-employed or external, and integrates all of the functionality described above. It is developed with APK technology for Android.

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