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How to reduce the expenses of your fleet?

The increase in fixed and variable costs of freight transport by road associated with consumption, payroll, investment, etc. it forces us to look for tools to keep them under control.

Gesinflot's fleet management system is designed to control operating expenses by knowing the leak points, and providing information to take measures that allow us to increase our profit margins. These are some of the most relevant practices in reducing the expenses of your fleet:

Exploitation of business information

Having sufficient, truthful and up-to-date information marks a clear advantage when it comes to optimizing our resources and reducing operating costs in the short and long term. With Gesinflot we can obtain different types of general reports such as:

  • Average fuel consumption, per driver, vehicle, route, transported product, etc.
  • Incidents and delays by routes, countries or safer areas.
  • Incidents in driving, promoting safe driving practices and habits, action protocols in the event of incidents, good practices in loading and unloading processes, etc.

Gesinflot also allows data to be exported and integrated with Business Intelligence systems to support strategic decision-making for the company.

Fleet status management

One way to avoid extra costs associated with transport services is, without a doubt, to keep vehicles and trailers in perfect condition, thus avoiding breakdowns and unplanned stops.

Managing maintenance increases productivity during campaigns, and allows you to plan the different reviews and certifications to be carried out in the low season, causing less impact on the service. Gesinflot incorporates the information from the TPMS systems of the tires, including pressure, to help us define the optimal moment to change wheels, or detect when there is misuse on the road.

Planning and resource management

The organization of activities, trips, allocation of available resources, etc. It is vital to reduce the operating costs of a fleet, avoiding duplication in tasks, failed trips or with erroneous information, which generate unexpected cost overruns.

If you want to know how to increase the efficiency of your fleet and reduce the costs of your freight transport company, learn about the functionality of our Fleet Management system Gesinflot Y ask us any questions directly.