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Novelties of the second generation smart tachograph

If your company carries out international transport, you will have until 2024 to install the so-called second-generation tachograph in your entire fleet. We tell you how it is different and what data it controls.

The 2nd generation smart tachograph aims to be the fundamental tool to enforce the Mobility Package, equalizing and improving the working conditions of professional drivers in all EU countries.

The regulation sets out how the most controversial proposals of the Mobility Package should be controlled, such as:

  • Make daily break times more flexible
  • Control the return to origin of the conductors
  • Control cabotage limitations on international routes
  • Border crossings within the EU, etc.
Second generation smart tachograph functionality

 With the legislation in hand, let's see what functionality manufacturers must develop for this evolved version:

  • Geolocation: It must be permanent and secure, guaranteeing that there is no manipulation of the data collected. For this they will include a new security function, OSNMA.
  • Day control: The start and end location of the day will be stored, confirmed by the driver.
  • Secure storage and transmission: The device must have a local and remote storage system that is safe and unalterable. In addition, the security of data transmission must be guaranteed.
  • New data: The tachograph will store new information, such as cabotage, loading and unloading operations, driver movements between countries, etc.
  • Extension of the archive time: You must keep the record for 56 days, compared to the 28 days currently required
  • DSRC system: this short-range communication system, through an antenna, allows the control authorities to consult data from the vehicle in motion
  • new cards driver, workshops and control agents

All these innovations imply important changes in the second generation smart tachograph, which will also affect the fleet management systems.

GesInFlot integrates all the functionality and data required in the first generation tachographs, with indelible copy systems and secure transmissions. Our department has been perfectly integrated into the new requirements of the second generation tachograph set by Fomento, we guarantee the evolution of our fleet management system.


 Are you ready for the change? Count on us.